Nigerian man stirs controversy after bowing and kissing E-Money’s feet and hand


A Nigerian man has faced backlash after a video of him kissing the feet and hands of billionaire, E-Money, went viral.

The man, who was speaking in Igbo, expressed his love for E-Money and how he had been stalking him for weeks.

While some people praised him for his display of respect, others criticized him for bowing to his fellow man.

See some reactions below;

One Guddy Beauty affirmed, “No matter my circumstances. Goodness can never do this to a man if not my creator

One Rubymone wrote, “Men, na so una dey do with una fellow men?

One Iam_zaiiiii wrote, “It has been officially proven people worship money more than God himself. Sad reality

One Raquel’s Gallery wrote, “Hope y’all can see how ken behave when they’re with their fellow men with money? They’re worse than women