Nigerian Singer Dremo Fires Ghana’s Rapper, Sarkodie In Diss Track


Ghanaian superstar rapper Sarkodie recently released a track titled ‘Brag’ on which he reiterates his status as Africa’s biggest rapper.

Sarkodie’s claims on ‘Brag’ have kicked off a rap beef between rappers in Nigeria and Ghana with Dremo being the first rapper to reply to Sarkodie before Ghanaian rapper Lyrical Joe replied to Dremo in what has become an online face-off.

In his reply to Sarkodie, Dremo chided him for name-dropping Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, and Asake by reminding him that the Nigerian superstars were doing better than him.

Dremo also disputed Sarkodie’s claim to the African rap throne while mocking him for claiming his only competition is American rappers Kendrick Lamar & J Cole.

Sarkodie would offer a condescending reply to Dremo’s diss by stating that the Nigerian rapper had promise but needed some touches.

An undeterred Dremo has released a second diss track with the tagline ‘If You Cedis When Are You Ghana Reply’ which is a play on Drake’s 2015 album ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’.

On the new diss track, Dremo doubled down on his Sarkodie diss while demanding that the Ghanaian multi-awarding rapper reply.

In the new diss track, Dremo told the other Ghanaian rappers who have dissed him that he would reply to them after he gets a reply from Sarkodie while also demanding that the reply be in English instead of Twi which is Sarkodie’s favoured language.

It remains unsure whether Sarkodie would be willing to engage in rap beef with an eager Dremo, especially with Ghanaian rappers including Lyrical Joe and Medikal demanding that he doesn’t reply as he’s too big for such beef.