Nigerian Socialite storms funnybone wedding with semi-naked ladies


Controversial Nigerian Socialite, Pretty Mike has created a stir as usual when he attended the wedding ceremony of comedian, Funnybone, over the weekend arriving the venue with semi-naked ladies as they depicted the story of Jesus carrying the cross and being flogged as he made his way to Golgotha.

In the viral video shared on several social media platforms, one of the ladies who depicted ‘Jesus’ wore a white outfit and wore a thorn on her head as she carried a ‘cross’ while the other ladies ‘flogged” her.

Meanwhile, earlier in the year, Pretty Mike, drew attention to himself at a birthday party that was held in Lagos state with his customs, the internet celebrity stormed the party with men dressed in red, carrying another man who was almost naked. The club owner and his retinue also put on a show for guests at the party.The men in red were in a queue and as Pretty Mike touched them, they fell to the floor.

However, this is not the first time the socialite has caused a scene with his arrival at an event