Nollywood actor, Adeyemi explains why he sleeps for 4hrs per day


Nollywood Actor Adeyemi Okanlawon,  has gave reasons on why he does not sleep for more than four hours per day.

According to the movie star, the determination was notified after a motivational orator told him rich people do not sleep for more than 4 hours per day.

However, he admitted to having the capacity to precisely fall asleep anywhere stating when he does, nobody would ever be able to rise him up until the 4hours has elapsed.

“I have hardly slept more than 4hrs in nearly 20yrs…. but I can close my eyes in a stadium right in the middle of a match and sleep off in 5mins plus nothing can wake me up until my 4hrs is complete!

“The reason? Na one motivational speaker tell me say rich ppl nodey sleep pass 4hrs.

“Well, I have the 4hrs on lockdown na the money remain.”