Nollywood Actor Wins N25 Million Lawsuit Against Piracy


Nollywood filmmaker and actor, Femi Adebayo has won a legal battle against piracy that lasted three years.

The film industry has captivated audiences globally with its vibrant storytelling and cultural richness, however, piracy remains a persistent threat that hinders its full potential.

In an announcement on Instagram on Tuesday, Adebayo said he took action against a “notable media company” that distributes content on YouTube and exploited the image of his film, Survival of Jelili.

To trick viewers into thinking they were viewing the real movie, the YouTube channel superimposed images from his 2019 film to another YouTube video which over time saw an increase in views due to this fraud.

He said, “With the dedication of our legal team, Bola Adebowale & Co Legal Practitioners, who are seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in handling such cases. They presented undeniable evidence, put up a strong argument, and took the case to trial. Their promptness, efficiency, and attention to detail played a huge part in the direction of the case.”

The commitment paid off, according to Adebayo, who added, “We won and were awarded a total of twenty-five million naira.”

Adebayo concluded that “daredevil pirates” are a big reason the Nigerian film industry has not been able to maximize its true business potential.

“This is a major reason why investors find it hard to commit their funds to filmmakers,” he noted.

Fellow filmmaker, Toyin Abraham, earlier this year said the piracy of her films caused her panic attacks and landed her in the hospital in the past.

Five suspects were charged to court in January 2024 for illegally leaking her December 2023 film, Malaika, online.

They were accused of stealing intellectual property, conspiracy, and attempting to obstruct justice.