Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke Faani has become a proud advocate for mental illness following her battle with B!polar.


The talented screen goddess, in one of her outreach programs for mental illness, opened up about her destructive behavior, revealing how she would often destroy properties in her house.

In her own words, she disclosed that she and her husband had no property because she would consistently wreck them during her manic episodes.

Chacha narrated a distressing incident that took place at Rit Hotel in Enugu, where she unleashed her fury, causing extensive damage and reducing her family’s possessions to only the clothes they were wearing.

“To be frank, if the disorder that I have been battling with didn’t sufficiently disgrace me to the point that it has, chances are I won’t be here championing,” Chacha said.

She recalled a specific incident in Enugu where she unleashed her anger, stating, “I smashed everything, wrecked the whole hotel, and reduced everything that my family had to only what we were wearing. I went untreated.”

Chacha went on to describe another episode that occurred two years later, resulting in her hospitalization. However, she admitted to a habit of flushing the prescribed medications down the toilet.

“To be honest, I didn’t like taking drugs, so I flushed them down the toilet when they discharged me. But I had another relapse, and they put me back in the hospital,” she confessed.