Nollywood actress, Lota Chukwu speaks on her current mental health


Nollywood actress, Ugwu Lotachukwu Jacinta Obianuju Amelia aka “Lota Chukwu” has speak on her current mental state.

Chukwu, who earned vogue after starring in popular TV series, Jenifa’s Diary, where she plays the role of “Kiki”, a friend of the lead character, opined she can’t afford unreturned love anymore.

She conceded to being fully soaked from pouring into others without anyone trying to refill her.

According to her, everyone deserves to be catered for as they do others.

She said from this juncture on, she would only be accessible for individuals whose love and power match hers.

“I’m mentally at a place where I can’t afford to freely give anymore. Meaning if I love you, I need for you to love me back. If I care about you, I need for you to care about me too.

“If I sacrifice for you, I need sacrifices in return. If I protect you, I need to be protected as well. My mental capacity won’t allow me to keep pouring from an empty cup

“I can’t afford to accept one-sided love and energy anymore. We all deserve to be poured into as we pour into others,” she wrote.