Nollywood stars, others react to actress Bimbo Akisanya’s show of shame to celebrate Tinubu’s emergence


Nollywood actresses, Ferrari Okoro and Khadija Adeola have joined many to react to their colleague, Bimbo Akisanya’s show of shame.

A video that found its way online captured Bimbo Akisanya displaying herself publicly to celebrate the victory of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the president-elect of Nigeria.

Sharing the video on her Instagram page, Bimbo Akisanya declared her undying support for Bola Tinubu, claiming the APC chieftain was not responsible for the mishap in the country.

She wrote, “@officialasiwajubat ti ZEHHHHHH. TO ALMIGHTY GOD ALONE BE ALL THE GLORY🙏

“Dear fellow Nigerians both home & in diaspora, it is true that we’ve been hurt, it is true that we’ve been cheated, yes we are angry with the present government. We are all feeling the heat.

“But the fact still remains that, Asiwaju is not the president, so there’s little that he can do for now. Let’s face the fact & be realistic, we were all shouting Sai Baba Sai Baba when Asiwaju introduced Buhari to us cos we saw him as our messiah.

“Our parents & grandparents were also shouting SAI BABA & prayed for him to win. Are we now going to k#ll or disown our own parents????

“BAT2023 is here & some of us believe BAT is here to correct so many things. Let us come together & wish Nigeria well. Honestly, ASIWAJU won’t disappoint us👏 let’s at least see what he’s going to do in 2yrs.

“TO THE IGBO’S, we love you & nothing can separate us. We are all siblings, politics, politicians & tribes won’t separate. E MA BINU👏👏

“TO THE NORTHERNER, we will never forget this favour, you are the real MVP. We owe you🙌🙌

MRS AISHA BUHARI, when you call God once, he will answer you thrice, you will never know sorrow for the rest of your life, ma🙏 Yorubas will never forget you, we love & appreciate you, ma💜❤


@kingmcoluomo may God Almighty always crown your efforts🙏 congratulations sir”

Many took to the comment section to bash the actress for her show of shame. Her colleague Ferrari Okoro claimed, “common sense is never common, while Khadija Adeola reacted with an emoji.