OAP laments on high increase of food items


Popular media personality and actress, Wofai Ewa known as Wofai Fada has lamented the cost of running a business in Nigeria.

Wofai who owns a restaurant took to Instagram on Thursday lamenting the increase in prices of food items and cooking gas.

Expressing her anger, Wofai said running a business is tiring and frustrating and expenses are getting out of hand.

Her post read: The cost of things in this country is not even funny anymore. Stockfish, gas, palm oil and the list goes on.

“Let me not talk about diesel, that’s a topic for another day.

“Running a business in this country is so tiring and frustrating.”

On a monthly basis, the prices of food items seem to be increasing in major cities in the country. For example, the prices of flour products such as ‘bread’, grains such as ‘rice, beans, Garri’, and regular beverages have experienced an unimaginable hike in price within the last one month compared with previous months within the year.