Oboy Siki shockingly reveals how he will die; says it will happen in 2024


Kumawood actor, Nana Kofi Agyemang professionally known as Oboy Siki, has revealed that he will die next year.

Speaking during an an interview on Kingdom FM, the veteran actor confidently mentioned that he will pass away in the year 2024

“I’m serious. Yes, I know I will die in 2024. I have been saying it. Nobody should be surprised when I die in 2024,” he said.

When asked how he knew he will die in 2024, Oboy Siki clarified said he has been praying to God to take his life in 2024. “I have personally been praying to God that he should take my life in 2024. I have been saying it for two years now,” he said.

According to the actor, he has already informed his family and friends of his impending death, and they are all aware of it.

“Some people are afraid to die, but I am not. I have done everything I wanted to do in life, and I am ready to go anytime. It is not a secret, and I have already told my family and friends about it,” he said.

“Someone prophesied that I would die earlier, and I told him it was a lie. And I have a date I know I will die on. I blasted that man of God,” he added.

“Here I am today. I am waiting for 2024. I am ready, and I am not going to die a foolish death, I won’t die in an accident. No, not that type of death. You will come to find me cool in my room” he concluded.