‘Only desperate actresses sleep with producers for roles’ – Actress Ruby Ojiakor slams desperate colleagues


Nollywood actress, Ruby Ojiakor has slammed desperate colleagues in the industry.

The single mother of one said that only those who are desperate for fame in the movie industry allow themselves to be used by randy producers to satisfy their sexual urge.

The actress made this statement in a recent interview when she was asked her take on the issue of sexual harrasment going on in her industry.

She said: “It is good when an actress is talented and knows what she is doing. Many of the girls that prefer to sleep with filmmakers are not that good at what they do. They are just desperate, want to become overnight stars. If one is not desperate and one keeps praying to God, one will get movie roles, even if one does not sleep with filmmakers. The filmmakers will not have any option in such a case because the person is good. It is important for actresses to always work on themselves. Once they do so, they will always get jobs. I still get calls despite turning down sexual advances from producers.”