“Our Love is No Longer a Secret”- Jasmine Okafor Confirms Relationship with Ken Erics, Defies Doubters


Jasmine Okafor, the daughter of veteran actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, has addressed doubters regarding her relationship with Ken Erics.

Earlier, there were reports that Ken Erics had proposed to Jasmine Okafor.

Taking to her Instagram page, Jasmine shared a video of the proposal and expressed her overflowing love for Ken Erics.

“I have tasted your love, and it’s so sweet! Thank you so much for reviving my love life and making me believe in love again. Cheers to forever with you @kenerics,” she wrote, showing her excitement.

However, some people doubted the authenticity of their relationship, assuming it might be a movie scene or skit.

Addressing the doubters, Jasmine made it clear that their love is real and no longer a secret.

“It’s no longer a secret. Let’s create memories together, baby. It doesn’t matter what they say,” she confidently stated.

Jasmine’s response reaffirms her genuine affection for Ken Erics, leaving no room for doubt about their relationship.