Outrage as man sexually harasses Eniola Badmus at a recent event


Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus has received support from netizens after being sexually harassed by a man at an event.

In a video circulating online, the movie star can be seen arriving at the event when a man closely behind her touched her backside.

Eniola Badmus noticed the inappropriate act and looked back at him, prompting security to intervene.

The video has sparked outrage among viewers who condemned the man’s actions.

“In a video captured online, the movie star was seen arriving at an event when a man who was closely behind her rocked her backside,” as stated in the report.

Eniola Badmus, who noticed it, looked back at him, and security stepped in between them.

“One Barbie Fenty wrote, ‘Sexual harassment and he knows what he did.'”

“One Tush Suzzy wrote, ‘What d heck? That’s harassment.'”

“One Fayo Osayemi wrote, ‘If she woz am slap now, dem go say cos Tinubu don enter na why she dey misbehave.'”

“One Anuoluwapo Pelumi wrote, ‘He should have been slapped!!'”

“One Damblo wrote, ‘Sexual harassment! She needs to sue the guy with this evidence.'”

“One Abji Luxury hub wrote, ‘That’s sexual harassment see how someone’s husband is fooling himself chai.'”

Eniola Badmus herself expressed her frustration, stating, “Some men lack discipline. This is very irritating. I swear if na me I go light am slap 2secs what rubbish!!!!”.