Paris Hilton Offers “Big Reward” to whoever returns Her Missing Chihuahua, Diamond Baby

Paris Hilton’s chihuahua Diamond Baby has been reportedly missing, and the singer is offering a big reward for her return.
Diamond Baby has been missing since last Wednesday, and Paris suspects she escaped through an open door.
According to the singer, they are in the middle of moving, and one of her movers must have left the door opened
Paris Hilton says she noticed Diamond Baby’s pooch had vanished, which alarmed her, and now she is desperate to find her dog
She writes:
“My family and friends have been helping me search high and low throughout my entire neighborhood and have gone door to door but we still haven’t found her.😭 We have hired a pet detective, a dog whisperer, a pet psychic and looking into dog finding drones now. I’m doing everything in my power to get her back.”
Paris says there will be a “big reward” for whoever helps bring Diamond Baby back into her arms, no questions asked.
The singer says she has been reluctant to let the public know about this because she doesn’t want any harm to come to her pet.
At this point, Paris says she’s willing to get any help she can to track her pet down.
Diamond Baby regularly features Paris Hilton’s videos, and it even has its own IG page.