Parrot spills Doyin’s secrets on ‘BBNaija All Stars


‘Doyin and Seyi are the latest victims of the troublesome bird.

Doyin finds herself on the giving and receiving ends of the secrets revealed to the Big Brother Naija All Stars housemates.

The Parrot returns, this time revealing a conversation Doyin and Ilebaye had before their fight.

During the chat, Doyin said she didn’t like Kiddwaya anymore, calling last week’s Head of House a fat idiot. She also talked about Ike not being able to handle her if they were together after he had approached her with a proposition to play games in the house together.

Despite the verbal evidence, Doyin claimed not to remember if she was the one who said these things, telling Kiddwaya, “There’s a possibility I said you’re a fat idiot, but you said horrible things about me too.”

She was on the receiving end as the Parrot leaked a conversation Seyi had with Kiddwaya in the presence of Adekunle. He expressed being happy about the fight that happened between Ilebaye and Doyin.

In his words, “I’m so happy Ilebaye and Doyin fought, Doyin was the one messing up her mind. Why do you think Venita has been calling her puppet master? She is the one instigating her. Doyin is a very joky and stinking girl, I can say it in front of her parents; they failed as parents”.

Doyin got angry and was eager to know the identity of the person who said all this. During a later conversation with Ilebaye, she said that the secret was just a way for her and Ilebaye to know that some housemates don’t want them to be friends.