“People Come To Church And Watch Pornography On Their Phones” – Ghanaian Prophet Laments


Founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei, also known as Kumchacha, has expressed concern about the widespread use of phones in churches, highlighting a disturbing trend of pornography consumption during church services.

Prophet Kumchacha expressed his dismay during a recent appearance on Accra-based OKAY FM, where he lamented the diminishing presence of physical Bibles in favour of smartphones among congregants, a shift he says has inadvertently facilitated access to explicit content.

He said: “Now people don’t come to church with Bibles. All they come along with is their phones. You’ll be shocked to note that while you ask for quotations, people will be watching pornography on their phones,” Kumchacha said.

He emphasised the need for vigilance and discernment among worshippers, cautioning against the temptation to engage in activities inconsistent with the sanctity of the church environment.

While recognising the advancements of the modern world, he emphasised the importance of upholding moral standards and preserving the sacredness of religious gatherings.