Pere, Alex’s Altercation Leads To Physical Threats In BBNaija All Stars


Pere and Alex threaten to get physical with each other during an altercation on Big Brother Naija All Stars.

The rift began in the kitchen with Alex walking up to Pere to clarify a statement he made which she assumed was addressed to her. But the situation quickly blew up with both of them threatening each other with deadly slaps.

Alex threatened to give Pere a slap that could make him deaf and Pere responded saying, “If you threaten me with a slap, I will kill you…”. They continued with the deadly threats even when Neo and Omashola tried to intervene.

Things even go as far as Alex reminding him of the empty punch to the wall with Doyin, as she declared that his physical threats was not going to make her back down at all.

Later on, during Alex’s diary session, she expressed to Big Brother that Pere was one of the All Stars housemates guilty of leaving stains in the toilet after using, with the excuse that he was rushing.

She also mentioned that his act made her see him as nothing but shit in the house, considering the fact that he didn’t own up to such an act during the house meeting with the HOH.

Her accusation of Pere’s poor hygiene comes after the All Stars housemates had a meeting earlier today, as regards the state of the toilet and the constant issues with hygiene in the house.

Apparently, housemates had struggled for eight weeks now on how people left the bathroom and restroom a mess after using it. There were also complaints about dirty laundry and undies being placed in the wrong places.