Police Arrest Actor Jerome Galiao for beating his wife


Zimbabwean Actor, Jerome Galiao who played Dr Nyasha Mugari in “scandals” has been arrested for beating his wife.

According to reports, the 38-year-old actor was taken into custody on Monday, March 27, at Linden Police Station in Randburg.

The actor’s case is under reference number CAS 280/3/2023, and he is expected to make a court appearance today, March 28, on charges of domestic violence.

“Jerome is in police custody in Randburg. He was arrested last night for domestic violence. He is in the cells and will appear in court on Today, March 28th. You can contact SAPS for more information. This is not the first time he has bashed her,” a source told Newsmen

However, when Jerome’s wife, Nerissa Mema, was contacted, she declined to comment, insisting that she needs some privacy.