Pretty Mike makes spectacular entrance to Warri Pikin’s wedding cooks human soup


Nigerian socialite, Pretty Mike, has once again caught the attention of the internet with his dramatic entrance at comedian Warri Pikin’s vow wedding.

Taking to his Instagram page, the controversial socialite shared a video of his unconventional arrival at the ceremony, accompanied by a human sacrifice.

In the video, Pretty Mike is seen engaging in a cook-off competition with Chef Hilda Baci. He arrives at the event with a tray held by maids, which contains pepper, tomatoes, leaves, and other ingredients. Additionally, a group of boys accompanies him, carrying a dwarf.

In his Instagram post, Pretty Mike expresses his belief that no matter how challenging life may become, there will always be unexpected surprises. He concludes the message by congratulating Warri Pikin and her husband on their special day.

“No matter how hard it gets, trust me, it will get as bad as you and I having each other for lunch and dinner. Congratulations @realwarripikin and her hubby.”