‘Prioritise Your Financial Well-Being This New Year’- Muthoni Charges Women


Kenya’s social commentator, Muthoni wa Mukiri has challenged women to embrace financial independence and accountability in the new year.

With the growing recognition of transactional relationships, Muthoni believes it’s time for women to prioritise their financial well-being.

In a recent video on her YouTube channel, she emphasised the importance of self-sufficiency and warned against the risks associated with depending solely on men for financial support.

Muthoni wa Mukiri set the tone for her message by declaring 2024 a year of growth and financial empowerment.

Encouraging women to take control of their financial situations, she boldly asserted, “Make money, my sister; it is you that is broke.”

Her call for financial self-sufficiency sparked a crucial discussion on the evolving nature of relationships and the need for women to be economically empowered.

The social commentator argued that relying on men for financial assistance can lead to vulnerable situations where women may be taken advantage of, risking their safety.

She suggested that waiting for someone to rescue them leaves some women susceptible to engaging in risky behaviors, such as becoming involved with married men on hookup sites, all in an attempt to secure financial stability.

“So you are waiting for someone to come and save you from a stranger somewhere so in the meantime you are jumping from one married man to another in hook-up sites, doing the unthinkable to try to make a living”.

Muthoni urged women to break free from the mindset that a rich man is the solution to their financial challenges. Instead, she advocated for self-reflection and accountability.

“And then think the reason you are broke is that you have not met a rich man. uh uh, the reason you are broke is because you are broke. Let’s not talk about them and let’s talk about you,” she said.

Highlighting the potential dangers of depending entirely on others, Muthoni warned against viewing someone as a saviour and surrendering agency.

She observed that when individuals perceive others as their financial rescuers, power imbalances may arise, leading to the compromise of personal boundaries and autonomy.

Muthoni emphasised the necessity of cultivating a mindset that prioritizes personal financial growth. She cautioned against perpetuating the belief that dating the right person will automatically resolve financial challenges.

According to her, most financially struggling women often attribute their situation to being with the wrong partner, failing to acknowledge their role in shaping their financial reality.