Protect your orgasms by any means necessary – Sola Fapson advises ladies


Film maker, Sola Fapson has advised against exhibiting romantic relationships on social media.

The actress said that friendships that are meant to last must be kept away from the eyes of the internet, stating that one can only post eyes, teeth, and other parts of their other half but must never post their face.

Fapson noted that these are some of the things she has learned in recent times.

“What I have learned from September and October, keep who you be fucking away from social media. Protect your orgasms by any means necessary, ladies. It is imperative. The internet is where ships go to sink. It’s not for the soft-hearted dears,” she said.

She continued, “Go on dates, baecations, surprise things, post ears, teeth, and fingernails, but avoid showing these Zuckerberg streets your significant other. Fast food fingers will not even allow fine boys and fine girls to pepper us in peace.

“Before you know it, someone has a theory or they know someone has a theory or they know someone that knows someone that knows your brother’s sister-in-law ex. But remember, privacy isn’t secrecy, if they don’t want to meet your friends, or introduce you to theirs. But you sef make sure the friendship circle is a 3 dotted line.

“Enjoy your relationship and save the memories for your eyes only, password is 0419.”