Queen Nwokoye hits critic for calling her “Asabawood star”


Nollywood actress, Queen Nwokoye, has scolded a critic on Twitter who named her an Asaba star rather than a Nollywood actress.

The Twitter user named as Josiah Japheth tweeted: “You said Queen Nwokoye and you said Nollywood, that one is in Asabawood na. Please let’s be knowing the difference.”

This tweet annoyed Queen Nwokoye to hit Japheth and called him an ‘insignificant element’.

“And this one thinks saying I am Asabawood is an insult ROTFL. If only you know. Trust me, the least WORKING Asaba actor is wayyyy better than you. Shebi because person no de blow her trumpet, crickets go just de chirp anyhow. Insignificant element,” the Ada Mbano star replied.

Reacting to Nwokoye’s response, Japheth again responded, “Aunty I’m not the cause of the poor quality of movies y’all churn out from those Asaba studios. Chill. Good that you have money and don’t blow trumpet. But use that money and make better Films… Or cricket go continue to give their opinions. Rest.”

Nwokoye, however, said, “It is only in Naija that someone will be parading himself as an actor without a single movie to his credit. My boy, the people those movies are meant for do not mind the quality. REST.

She advised Japheth to “Go and watch the ones that meet your taste in movies and stop gossiping like a market woman.”

Damilola Olufemi