Quit dating thugs, touts who have nothing to lose, Nollywood actress warns women


A Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, has rolled into the discussion encircling the claimed leaked sex tape of Tiwa Savage with her boyfriend.

The short video, which came online on yesterday night, has since gone viral and caused reactions and backlash.

Onuoha, via her Instagram page, advised black women to be careful and avoid dating street boys or thugs who have nothing to lose.

She said, “A man who loves and respects you will never pick up the phone to record private moments.”

The actress instructed women not to engage in acts that will embarrass their children or grandchildren, adding that the Internet never forgets.

Her post reads below:

“Sex is a beautiful experience shared by two consenting adults. Dearest black beautiful women be careful.

“Don’t trade bedroom intimacy for online gratification. Remember someday we will all grow old and grey and our children and grandchildren will love to take pride in us.

“Live well, love accordingly the Internet never forgets. Let’s live a legacy that our will mii oh t embarrass our children and grandchildren.

“Stop dating touts, thugs and hanging around people who have nothing to lose.

“Be wary of people around you who you call friends. The world and its people are wicked and becoming vile.

“Exercise caution in your escapades.”