Radio Personality Bids Farewell To Marriage Over Loss Of His Wife


Kenya’s radio personality Steve Jacob Maunda, widely known as Shatta Bway, has shared his decision to abstain from marriage following the tragic loss of his wife, Rebecca Kukuton, also known as Eva Seoke.

In an interview with Dr Ofweneke on TV47, Shatta Bway discussed his reasons for choosing to remain unmarried, at least until his children have found their life partners.

He expressed concern for his children’s well-being, emphasising the importance of ensuring their emotional stability before considering a new chapter in his life.

His primary focus is on his two children, a son, and a daughter, and he believes that marriage is not a necessity for him at this point in his life.

He shared his observations of situations where fathers remarry and sometimes these new wives mistreat their children from previous relationships, causing distress and confusion for the children involved.

Expressing his commitment to shielding his children from any potential negative experiences, Shatta Bway emphasised the importance of allowing them to reach adulthood without added complications.

“You have seen the scenarios of Matha who passed Buda and remarried. That matha starts to mistreat women and they are afraid to say coz they are like this is daddy’s sweetheart. So you get bad people. Why do you expose women to such a situation? I am still a young man. If I ever think of getting married again, it’s like my parents got married, and I won’t even be 50 yet,” he said.

Acknowledging that he is still in the process of healing from the loss of his wife, Shatta Bway revealed that he becomes upset when approached by potential suitors.

“Right now I don’t even think at all. First of all, I think that is still a healing process because dem sai approaches me even a little bit and I hear that I am very angry with him. There are so many who have approached me but you just ignore them. You also don’t bombard them with reality coz they don’t know or understand the issue you’re dealing with. You just play that and it ends,” he said.

He explained that he currently focuses on spending quality time with his children and creating content with them, which has been well-received by their audience.

Despite feeling a sense of disbelief at his children’s growth and maturity, he appreciates their input and ideas as they navigate life together.