Range Rover Is The Least Of My Achievements – Ugandan Singer Fires Back At Critics


Ugandan songstress, Hajara Namukwaya popularly known as Spice Diana on Friday hit back at music critics Eddy Sendi and Jenkins Mukasa amid the ongoing debate about her new car.

Diana expressed displeasure on the two men for being obsessively consumed by her small achievements.

She wondered how the middle-aged media personalities are so deeply concerned about her new Range Rover which she doesn’t even consider to be among her biggest achievements.

“We post some of these things on social media not to brag, but because our fans love to see them…but some other people look at them and think we are bragging about our achievements,” Diana said on Baaba TV on Friday.

“That car doesn’t mean much to me; many people have bigger cars. I thank God for it, but cars come and go. You can crash it in a minute; some have even lost their lives to them.”

“On the other hand, I have real things I have done in life which I am proud of, like running an orphanage and being an ambassador for children with mental illnesses.”

On Wednesday, Jenkins and Sendi together Kasuku and Batt Badru doubled down on their assault on Diana, alleging among other things that her Range Rover does not belong to her.

Jenkins said he knew at least three people who had laid claim on the vehicle.
Sendi on the other hand, pointed out that the vehicle does not have a registration plate.

He challenged Diana and her Manager Roger to put a number plate on the vehicle if it indeed belonged to her.
Diana however, made a counterchallenge in the interview.

“If it is not mine, the owner should come pick it up. Whoever gave it to me, should come for it,” she said.

“Perhaps even the one I have been riding also has its owner who should come for it as well.”