Rapper Blueface arrested for alleged robbery in Las Vegas


Rapper Blueface has found himself in legal trouble once again, as he has been arrested for his alleged involvement in a robbery.

According to documents obtained by Newsmen, Blueface was taken into police custody on Wednesday, June 7, and is now facing a felony charge. The arrest took place at the court where he was attending a preliminary hearing for his previous attempted murder charges.

In November, Blueface was initially arrested after being accused of discharging a firearm into a house, building, vehicle, or craft. The recent robbery incident is seen as a violation of the court’s stipulations imposed on him following the earlier case.

Blueface’s lawyers, Lisa Rasmussen and Kristina Wildeveld, stated that they are currently unaware of the specific details surrounding the recent arrest. However, they expressed their commitment to vigorously defend him in both cases.