Rapper Eva plans on the establishment of rap course


Rapper Eva Alordiah aka Eva has indicated her strategies to establish a procedure on how to rap after the release of her upcoming album.

She said: “I have been thinking that I might create a course on how to rap, I didn’t take rap seriously like I want to be a superstar, I already knew I was a star when I came to this world.”

She continued saying: “So thankfully I come from a very loving supporting family and I lived and experienced myself as a true star and my reason for getting into the music industry straight out of school and doing all of that (Rap) was not because I wanted to be a star, it was because I wanted to be the best rapper in Nigeria, that was my mission.

“I was like Eminem is my Godfather I’m gonna show people how to do this rap thing and I’m gonna be the best. So my mission was one of mastery, not fame and fandom, and so I really took rap to school, and to answer your questions I have been actually thinking of creating a course on how to rap, like just a mini-course on how to rap.

“But I am not going to do it until after my next album, I owe myself an album and I will love to record an album and do something fantastic you know, and again because my mission is not fame and fandom its mastery of the skill of rap, I don’t really focus on fame and fandom, the thing wey fame show me ehn I’m not doing again, if it will happen it will happen by grace, this is a forever thing I will be rapping for a long time in my life, I am a poet so I’m going to be speaking for a long time in my life.”