Reaction trails Peruzzi’s view on love


Nigerian singer, Peruzzi has offered his opinion on matters that involves the heart and people.

Sharing his thought on love and relationship, Peruzzi opined the former is a walk in the park but the latter is draining.

He wrote: “Love Is Easy. Relationship Na Headache.”

Meanwhile, social media users have responded to his post. Many said relationship isn’t hard as such but requires a whole lot of commitment. While some asked to know his take on marriage. While others simply told the singer to keep his opinion.

broda_henry said: “None of the Above is easy, love and relationship requires commitment and responsibilities.”

leaddyskincare asked: “How do you express love when you don’t want to be in a relationship??”

_am_emmaunella wrote: “Make we rest for love and relationship matter.”

justdamz_ stated: “Relationship no be headache, na the person way you dey relationship with be the Headache.”

mrr_stan asked: “Marriage come be what na?”

philipolah said: “Na billing make relationship hard who love you no go bill you..”

mz_leen14 wrote: “Any which way, I still want the two …I don buy paractemol, na headache remain.”

vinita_uzilly stated: “Love and relationship are beautiful things but When you are with the wrong person you will always have headaches.”

Successogunkolade said: ““Love is easy, relationship Na headache” so marriage is Wetin? Ogbeni go and marry your best girl and stop forming motivational speaker for us,”

Evablazzn wrote: “It’s probably easy to fall in love, but it most certainly takes effort to stay in love.”

the.nire._ asked: “Una no dey taya for relationship talk?”

kingdomingoloso stated: “Relationship be like Instagram account, any small issue, it will be deactivated.”

lady_henriet wrote: “No dey spoil for us relationship wey we never even enter.”