“Real music is dying, I’m one of the few real ones left”- Omah Lay says


Afrobeats popstar, Omah Lay recently opened up about the process of creating his debut album ‘Boy Alone’ and how he transformed his pain into powerful music.

Released in July 2022, ‘Boy Alone’ has received widespread acclaim and commercial success. The album delves into Omah Lay’s personal journey with fame and the challenges he faced along the way.

During a recent interview with Steph TV, Omah Lay candidly shared that he experienced immense pain and even had suicidal thoughts while working on the album.

Reflecting on his motivation and creative mindset, he revealed, “I was in a deep hole, and I was able to turn the pain into art. I was suicidal. I was really messed up. I think I had to be there to actually help people who are there to get out of it. It will take a very bold person to speak about it so openly.”

The album has humorously been described by listeners as “Afrodepression” due to its honest portrayal of Omah Lay’s pain. In the interview, Omah Lay emphasized the significance of creating music from a place of authenticity and addressing deeper emotions in Afrobeats.

While acknowledging the prevailing notion that Afrobeats is often perceived as lacking depth and solely focused on vibes, he stated, “Everybody is out there saying Afrobeats is not so deep and it’s just vibes. This is because everyone is out there making hype, and the real music is dead. That’s why people like me will always try. I’m one of the realest you can find, and I’m putting it on Afrobeats.”

Omah Lay expressed confidence that ‘Boy Alone’ will stand the test of time, even beyond a decade, and continue to resonate with listeners. He acknowledged that while some may not fully grasp the album’s message and essence at first, its significance will become apparent with time.

Encouraging those who face similar challenges, Omah Lay advised taking the necessary time to heal and nurture their mental well-being. He emphasized the importance of feeding one’s mind with positivity, noting that life becomes beautiful when the mind is in a healthy state.