“Refund my money” – Actress, Destiny Etiko calls out colleague, Ruby Ojiakor over breached contract


In a video posted on her Facebook page, Destiny revealed that she had paid Ruby Ojiakor the sum of N700,000 for her role in a movie, but Ruby has been unavailable and has refused to refund the money.

Rather than finding a solution to the issue, Destiny claimed that Ruby resorted to issuing threats of physical assault against her.

In a furious response, Destiny Etiko disclosed her current location in the video and openly challenged Ruby Orjiakor to face her.

Destiny boldly stated that she would mercilessly beat Ruby if she dared to confront her, dismissing any concerns about their age difference.

“Ruby Orjiakor, or whatever your name is… It’s evident that you’re seeking attention, Mrs. CLOUTINA. Should I be afraid of you? Who are you? I don’t engage in excessive talking. If you push me too far, I’ll give you a resounding slap that will make your face turn red. Ruby, you charged me without delivering on your promises. This is why I avoid dealing with colleagues like you. Ruby, you’re immature.” She wrote