Relationship expert tells women to ask for protection when in doubt of their partners


Relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin has adduced reasons for the rise in the number of women being infected with HIV.

He argued a lot of women are contracting HIV because they are scared of asking their partners to use protection and wanting to keep their homes at all costs.

According to him, a large number of women who happen to be wives, seeking love daily have been infected with HIV by their husbands.

The relationship specialist nonetheless advised females to demand the use of safety by their partners especially when they are now in doubt of their activities.

He wrote: “I deal with a lot of HIV+ people searching for love everyday. It’s so sad that 70% of them were infected by their partners (Mostly Husbands).

“A lot of women are getting infected with HIV because of “FEAR TO SAY USE PROTECTION & “I MUST KEEP MY HOME SYNDROME

“Wives/Ladies if you don’t trust your BF/HUSBANDS PLEASE DEMAND he uses protection. If demanding protection will lead to the end of your marriage then SO BE IT.”