Ric Hassani admits him finding a suitable spouse is in God’s hands


Nigerian singer Ric Hassani took to Twitter to speak about how “heartwrenching” it is to write love songs while being unmarried.

Ric announced discovering someone these days is scary and revealed he has been through “intense craziness” while trying to discover the one.

The musician conceded he respects the peace he earns from being unmarried but said he’s striving deep down that God sends him a competent spouse.

He also added that he has given up the option of a partner to God recognizing as his discretion has failed him before and nearly cost him everything.

He tweeted:

“Finding someone these days is so scary for me, considering the intense craziness I’ve been through. I have put it in God’s hands completely at this point, my discretion has failed me in the past and almost cost me everything.”

“I think a decision as serious as finding a life partner it is not wise for one to rely completely on their discretion, there has to be a degree of surrender to a higher power for that decision. Life partnership is a make or break, and I say it from firsthand experience.”

“I travel the world, make and have some really interesting amounts of money, come back to this big, incredibly arranged house, but I come back to no one. I love the Peace because it’s priceless, but deep down I pray God sends me a solid, & worthful companion. Amen.”