Ruth Kadiri celebrates her husband’s birthday


Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri, has sung praises of her husband, Mr. Ezerika, as he celebrates his birthday on Wednesday.

Ruth Kadiri’s spouse clocked a new age today, and she took to Instagram to congratulate him.

In a post on her Instagram to her husband, she noted that he has illustrated to her that service to man and God is not a sign of weakness as she admires his humility, tranquility, silence, listening ear, headache, and tenacity, among other qualities.

She wrote: “Happy birthday husband

The man with the brightest smile, a brilliant mind. And the most ambitious man I know. A soft-hearted man wrapped in a tough shell. I’ve seen you serve people, humbly, and as annoying as it is to me, you’ve shown me that service to man and God is not a sign of weakness. I love you, your humility, your peace, your silence, your listening ear, above all the headache you give me with your stubbornness, happy birthday chief”.

By Damilola Olufemi