Ruth Kadiri pastors her fans on Instagram


Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri has nurtured her enthusiasts on howto know if they have been put in a “spiritual bottle”.

She said this in a recent Instagram post of hers while addressingthose who suffer from panic attacks, shortness of breath anddizziness.

She remarked that these fitness problems are only a sign for one toseek for deliverance to be exempted from a ‘spiritual bottle’,especially if the signs persist even after visiting medical doctors.

She posted on her Instagram story:

“This post is for those who believe in spirituality. Not for everyone.For those dealing with shortness of breath, dizziness, panic attacks.You’ve done everything your doctor asked you to do, still nochange.

Just know that your image or an incantation made on your behalfhas been put in a bottle. Either thrown into the river or keptsomewhere. You are trapped in a cage with no air. That’s your bodygiving you a signal to seek deliverance. May we be freed from theevil of the land.”

Damilola Olufemi