S3fa reacts to viral video of her romancing fellow female


Black Avenue Muzik signee, S3fa has responded to a viral video that portrayed her as a lesbian.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana, on the ‘Atuu’ show which is aired on UTV, S3fa noted that the angle of the video made people have a wrong interpretation of the actual situation.

She was reacting to a viral video that showed her allegedly kissing female Ghanaian soul singer Efya Nocturnal at an event in Accra about a year ago.

“The angle the person took the video from gave that impression because I was with my team and sisters when she came in; we exchanged English-style hugs and kissed her on the cheeks in a flash because Afya was in a hurry to use the washroom,” she explained.

The ‘Echoke’ hitmaker expressed that she is straight and is notbothered about the public perception of her.

Talking on whether she has been worried with lesbian advancementsshe stated, “I am a very pretty woman so they come but I just tell Iam not interested.

“I am also careful because they are the people promoting my musicand I don’t sack them but I tell them I love them but they should bein their lane,” she said.