Saint Keliz Returns with “Do Not Disturb”


Afrobeat artist Kehinde Falade, professionally known as “Saint Keliz,” has continued to attract interest with his past projects, including the 2022 Extended Playlist “Levitation” featuring 1andy.

The projects of the talented Nigerian performer have generated huge streams across all digital stores. He is working on his newly anticipated project, Do Not Disturb, which is going to be on all platforms.

Saint Keliz unveiled the release date for his highly anticipated single, “Do Not Disturb.” The song is expected to bring excitement to his global fan base, which eagerly anticipates its arrival and fresh sound. Known for his unique blend of genres and pushing creative boundaries, Saint Keliz is considered a game-changer, offering a fresh take on his musical style and captivating audiences with its sonic allure.

The title suggests that Saint Keliz is exploring themes of introspection, personal growth, and finding solace amidst life’s chaos. With evocative lyrics and captivating melodies, fans can expect an emotionally charged journey through this upcoming release.

Saint Keliz collaborated with a team of remarkable producers, ensuring that every aspect of the song harmonises seamlessly, and his soulful vocals are expected to resonate deeply with listeners.

Saint Keliz has teased glimpses of the creative process on his social media platforms, causing excitement among fans. Industry insiders are recognising the artist’s talent and impact on the music industry. With previous chart-topping hits, Saint Keliz is known for delivering memorable, chart-topping hits. Industry analysts believe “Do Not Disturb” is a milestone in his career. The official release date for “Do Not Disturb” is July 28, 2023, and fans are eagerly anticipating an extraordinary musical experience.

The artist’s latest masterpiece is expected to resonate deeply with listeners, sparking emotions and inspiring introspection. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated arrival of this remarkable composition.