Sarkodie shares his experience at Jay-Z’s Rock Nation


Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, has shared his experience at Jay-Z’s Office which is popularly known as Rock Nation.

The award-winning rapper said he was amazed by the experience.

Sarkodie’s appearance on the Podcast With MacG in Nigeria on Tuesday, disclosed more facts about himself and the Ghanaian entertainment industry, with the latest being how Jay-Z’s team narrated his musical journey to himself.

He said, “I went to Rock Nation, Jay-Z’s office, I thought I was going to sell myself not knowing they already know me. They were giving me a whole breakdown of myself… Even stuffs I didn’t have. I kept quiet because I was going to sell myself but they ended up selling me to myself.”

“There was a funny story that happened, till date, I haven’t dared to share it but Ice Prince came to Ghana and shared it. When I come to Ghana and share this story, there is no way they gonna believe me.

“I was sitting at the BET on the aisle and we have Beyoncé and her crew coming and she saw me and stood right in front of where I was sitting and she bowed her head. I was thinking it wasn’t me and so I was looking behind.”