Say Good Things About Our Music If You Want Us To Go Global – Bisa Kdei


Ghanaian Highlife sensation, Bisa Kdei has expressed his belief that certain promoters have impeded the progress of Ghanaian music, particularly on the global stage, with their negative attitudes toward the industry.

According to Bisa Kdei, it is unjust to dismiss Ghanaian music as inadequate while disregarding the hard work put in by musicians to hone their craft.

In an interview with Accra FM, Bisa Kdei emphasized that Ghana failed to fully leverage the abundant opportunities presented by the Year of Return initiative to showcase its music.

“During the recent Year of Return events, I felt we didn’t utilize them effectively. There were instances where international visitors came to experience Ghanaian music but ended up being exposed to other genres instead,” he remarked.

Bisa Kdei also pointed out that the disparagement by certain promoters has hindered the development of the music industry, leading to reluctance from investors to support it.

“Some promoters claim that no Ghanaian artist can fill the O2 Arena, continuously undermining the efforts of Ghanaian artists. Let’s highlight the positives to inspire others to excel. No one should disparage our music because some foreign artists even come to Ghana to learn,” he asserted.

Currently, Bisa Kdei is promoting his emotionally resonant single “Medaase,” which is steadily gaining popularity nationwide.