Sensational Tems receives commendation in Kenya


Nigerian singing phenomenon, Tems has received a prize from Kenyan internet sensation, Elsa Majimbo for being an inspiration.

Majimbo gave Tems, who was featured on Wizkid’s recent hit song, ‘Essence,’ a modern Beats Studio Buds noting that the singer inspires her.

In a message shared by Tems on her Instagram, the text of the letter reads:

“Hey Tems, When Beats asked me to talk about an artist that inspires me, you came to mind. Your music is simply great and your voice, amazing. I wanted to gift you these new Beats Studio Buds and tell you to keep an eye and an ear out for my Beats campaign.

Tems thanked the comedienne for the prize.

Majimbo, who earned credit during the COVID-19 lockdown across the world, evolved outstandingly for home-based humorous quarantine videos in Nairobi.

Her satirical monologues usually emphasize her crunching potato crisps, leaning back to a pillow, and using a pair of tiny 1990’s sunglasses as a prop.