Seun Kuti: Parents should not compel kids to be like them


Seun Kuti, the youngest son of the famous Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Kuti has urged parents against forcing children to take after them.

Arguing his stance, the Egypt 80 current band leader said parents and adults in general should rather embrace the form of their children who are still very much pure in heart.

More importantly, Big Bird argued children are the ‘true saints’ thus, the need to quit trying to make them conform to their parents or any other adult who he described as ‘damaged’.

He shared a photo with his daughter and captioned it: “We must stop betraying the true saints, the pure of heart, our children! Be more like them and don’t make them like you, you are damaged! #getthesax.”

Reacting to his post, a good majority of social media users agreed with his position.

While others simply commented on the striking resemblance between Seun Kuti and his daughter.