Sex and communication are two different things – Blessing CEO


Relationship blogger Blessing Nkiruka Okoro aka Blessing CEO has opened up on why many marriages crash.

Amid the conversation on the significance of communication in a marriage, the online content creator stated a lot of couples have downplayed it.

Referring to her previous marriage, Blessing CEO admitted it was void of communication and replaced with sex.

The social media personality reflected her ex-husband would rather indulge in sex as a way to settle disputes or any form of misinterpreting with her instead of having to discuss them and find a lasting solution.

Blessing CEO said: “My previous marriage damaged because my EX wanted to replace communication with SEX. Each time we had a misunderstanding he comes to have sex just so I won’t talk about it, then he will repeat same thing over and over again.

“Sex can’t replace communication. Can you relate????

“One of the many reasons my previous marriage crashed…..communication is so underrated.”