Shade Ladipo shades Basketmouth as she celebrates Ayo Makun’s National Honor


Shade Ladipo, a well-known media personality, recently took a dig at Basketmouth while congratulating Ayo Makun on his National Honor award.

In an Instagram story post, Shade openly shared her perspective on the matter, highlighting that the only significant thing she recalls former President Muhammad Buhari doing was awarding Ayo before Basketmouth.

Although she didn’t explicitly mention the name of the renowned comedian, many were quick to connect the dots as she referenced the N30k incident that caused a rift between Ay and Basketmouth.

Commending Ay, Shade emphasized that the comedian and actor have consistently been undervalued, implying that their talent and contributions deserve greater recognition.

In her subtle shade towards Basketmouth, she remarked that he possesses more pride than Elon Musk, the second richest man in the world. She further expressed her opinion that Basketmouth lacks substantial financial resources and is instead spending what little he has on his alleged girlfriend.

“The only thing that Bubu did for me was to award AY over that Uncle 30k. Truly, AY has been constantly undervalued. That other uncle has more pride than Elon Musk, meanwhile, nothing is in his pocket. I hope the new smallie he’s carrying will exhaust his money so we can all have some peace.”