Shatta Wale Disappointed Me – Efia Odo Reveals


Ghanaian actress and socialite, Efia Odo, has revealed that her friendship with Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale, ended due to disappointment as the primary factor.

According to the actress in an with Berla Mundi on the Day Show, Efia refuted to delve into the specifics of her relationship with Shatta Wale but expressed her regret for expecting more from the artist.

“He disappointed me, and I blame myself for expecting too much. I anticipated the same treatment I offered him, but unfortunately, the energy wasn’t reciprocated. I had to step away from the toxicity,” she explained.

While reports indicate that Shatta Wale has offered an apology to Efia Odo, she firmly stated that she would not accept it, humorously adding, “He has apologized, but I don’t accept apologies; I accept cash.”

“We weren’t dating. Just because I am a hardcore fan of his, people assume that every time they see me with a guy, something romantic is happening. I think I’m just sexy,” she asserted.

Beyond her personal relationships, Efia Odo has also voiced concerns about the challenging living conditions faced by many Ghanaians. She highlighted the hand-to-mouth existence that characterizes the lives of numerous workers in the country.

She refuted the perception that Ghanaian youth are lazy, attributing the difficulty in saving for the future to the harsh economic conditions prevalent in the country.

“We are not lazy; we work tirelessly just to earn a few coins. There’s no prospect for the future. Here, we are merely working to afford a meal of waakye. The thought of buying a house or a car is a distant dream. It’s always about what we’ll eat today and tomorrow, and that’s a significant issue,” Efia Odo expressed.