“Shatta Wale Took 50% Of The Performance Fee And Canceled The Show” – Organizers clarify


The organizers of the much-anticipated Shatta Wale concert at Wolverhampton’s Hangar, Bizzle Entertainment, have released a press statement in response to the unexpected cancellation of the event by the management of the Shatta Movement Empire.

Expressing their surprise at the unexpected public announcement, Bizzle Entertainment emphasized their unwavering commitment to transparent and open communication, a principle that has consistently guided their working relationship with Shatta Wale and his management.

Shatta Wale had cited a dispute regarding the organizers’ inability to meet his “luxurious demands and requirements” as the reason for the concert’s cancellation.

In response, Bizzle Entertainment clarified that they had fully met all contractual requirements and had paid an initial 50% down payment in good faith, underscoring their dedication to ensuring the event’s success.

The statement also stressed that the unilateral cancellation by Shatta Movement Empire was a breach of the signed contract, and as a result, they, as Bizzle Entertainment, were ready to explore various options to resolve the issue amicably. This could involve rescheduling the event or offering ticket refunds to attendees, aiming to keep the public informed of their decisions promptly.

The statement also expressed Bizzle Entertainment’s commitment to exploring potential solutions to the issue, including rescheduling the event or offering ticket refunds, all while maintaining their dedication to professionalism and delivering top-notch entertainment.