Shatta Wale Wasn’t Admirable When I Met Him – Ex-Girlfriend, Michy Reveals


Shatta Wale’s ex-girlfriend, Michy has revealed details about their early relationship, asserting her influence on his rise to fame.

Michy’s disclosure was made in reaction to recent events involving Efia Odo and Shatta Wale’s relationship.

She declared without any fear that Shatta Wale was not the talented artist that fans know now when she met him for the first time, adding that she had a major influence on his becoming the captivating and gifted artist he is today.

“You were worthy of replacing him, or he wasn’t good enough. You wouldn’t have loved this guy (Shatta Wale) when I met him; we made him seem good so you would like him”, Shatta Michy said throughout the conversation.

Michy made it plain that she is no longer interested in dating Shatta Wale, even if she acknowledged her impact on his rise to fame.

Michy, however, made a scathing comment about Efia Odo, calling her a “beggar” who was enjoying the rewards of her labour.