Sing-A-Thon: My Wife Deserves State Honour – Afua’s Hubby Appeals To Govt


Afua Asantewaa’s husband, Kofi Aduonum has appealed for the state to honour his wife by naming part of the Akwaaba Village where her Sing-A-Thon attempt took place after her

He explained that his wife has played a pivotal role in promoting Ghana, and it was proper that something was done to honour her.

“Akwaaba Village is a perfect name, but I think it is high time we honoured my wife, Asantewaa. They should give her a space, maybe Asantewaa’s stage or Asantewaa’s corner.

He was optimistic that people would visit the venue to learn about the historic event that caught the attention of people worldwide.

“It will serve as a tourist site. Those who watched it on TV, anytime they visit Accra, will visit it and know where the lady performed. It is a personal appeal, but I believe it should be considered”.

This appeal was made after the Guinness World Records announced that Afua Asantewaa was unsuccessful in her attempt to set a new world record longest singing marathon by an individual.