Singer Craig David reveals he has been celibate for a year after suffering traumas from one-night stands


Craig David has opened up about his decision to remain celibate for the past years, revealing that he has experienced “many different traumas” from his past one-night stands.

The 42-year-old British singer, known for his womanizing reputation, admitted that he has undergone a transformation and is currently not dating anyone.

In a conversation with Louis Theroux on his podcast, Craig confessed that one-night stands can lead to various emotional challenges and he has chosen to abstain from them. He shared that it has been “maybe a year or so” since he last engaged in any intimate encounters.

The singer expressed his hope that this period of abstinence will enable him to prepare mentally and emotionally for his next relationship. He desires to embark on a partnership that starts from a “good place.”

At 42 years old, Craig believes that things have changed for him. He no longer seeks shallow connections but desires a deeper connection based on meaningful conversations, shared laughter, and appreciating the inner beauty of his partner. He is determined to break free from the repetitive patterns of his past relationships.

Craig reflected on his past experiences, revealing that during his twenties and thirties, he had several short-term relationships but never found anything serious due to his fear of getting hurt, stemming from a painful heartbreak he endured at the young age of 16.

He expressed, “I had never felt anything like that before. My heart kind of closed down.”