Singer, Sina Rambo denies accusations of domestic violence from his wife


Nigerian singer, Sina Adeleke, popularly known as Sina Rambo has responded to the allegations of domestic violence from his wife, Korth.

Korth, in a series of posts on her Instagram stories on Monday, December 12, accused her husband, the son of Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, of assaulting her.

Korth claimed that Rambo, despite being from a wealthy family, is broke and doesn’t provide financially for the house.

Meanwhile, in a statement released by his lawyers, Sina said this was a ‘calculated attempt to blackmail him and by extension his good family name.’

Read the statement below;


We are Solicitors to ADELEKE ADESINA popularly known as “Sina Rambo” (“Our Client*). We have been briefed and we have the instructions of Our Client to release this on his behalf.

On the 12th day of December, 2022, at about 11 am, some false allegations started making rounds on the internet (particularly on Instagram and Twitter)claiming that Our Client engaged in domestic violence against his wife.

Our client refutes these allegations in its entirety as baseless and lies that have no iota of truth in them. Our Client is an upstanding and respectable member of the society who holds family values dear to his heart.

Our client further states that he has never and will never engage in any form of domestic violence and that any disagreement between him and Ms Heidi Korth Adeleke is a private matter. Relationships and unions experience good and bad times and this too will pass and be resolved.

Not only is our client a supportive, loving and caring husband and father, he has always lived up to the good name of his family and would not do anything to bring his family name to disrepute as is now being falsely claimed by Ms Heidi Korth Adeleke

Our Client is a successful recording artist who has and is still making waves not only in the country but also internationally as an artiste of repute. He is also a prudent businessman.

All the allegations are mere conjectures and calculated attempts to blackmail our client and by extension his good family name.

Any reasonable bystander that is not beclouded by mob hysteria and cyber space lynching would know that the statements made by the accuser are done in bad spirit, without deep thought or mature consideration.

We urge with reasonable sense of judgement to ignore these accusations.

We thank you.

Babs Akinwumi Esq.He wrote.