Singer Spyro vows never to do ‘’shake your bum’ lyrics again as he declares himself God’s ambassador


Singer Spyro has made a firm commitment to never release songs with explicit or ungodly lyrics again, declaring himself as God’s ambassador in the music industry.

Taking to social media, the artist behind “Who Is Your Guy” expressed his dedication to producing timeless music and promoting what is right. He emphasized that there will be no compromises in his artistic endeavors, and anyone working with him understands this principle.

Spyro stated his mission to influence the music industry for God, vowing to establish God’s kingdom through his work. He acknowledged that it might take time, but he remains steadfast in his purpose.

“I am only interested in making evergreen music. Ain’t no shake your bum or any kinda ungodly/dirty lyrics here… we pride in promoting what’s right, and everyone that works with me already got the memo. Ain’t no compromise here. It might take me time, but I will influence this industry for God…and someone pls mark my words on that… I am here for a reason, I am GOD’S AMBASSADOR HERE, and gradually we will take these grounds for him.”