Singer, Teni responds to Monalisa Stephen’s criticism of her weight loss journey


Nollywood actress, Monalisa Stephen and singer, Teni have been on loggerheads over their body sizes.

According to report, the singer revealed that she realized her excessive weight gain could lead to death hence she started working on shredding off her weight. She also encouraged others to look up to her for inspiration.

Reacting to Teni’s weight loss journey, Monalisa Stephen lambasted her for sharing her weight loss journey and telling people what to do.

The double-sized actress who is a body positivity advocate noted that she doesn’t think of herself as being unhealthy because she is fat.

Teni who is not having any drama Monalisa dished out and took to her Twitter page to respond to her.

According to the ‘Uyo Meyo’ hitmaker, she won’t trade words with Monalisa because she is definitely not who her colleague, Lekan Osifeso Jnr. better known as Lojay sang about.

Teni tweeted: I ain’t going back and forth with no d*mb Monalisa, that ain’t who Lojay sang about she tweeted.